Insurance against unwanted pregnancy

Recently, our editorial office has received a very interesting question about whether you can get insurance against unintentional pregnancy.

The author of the e-mail was a girl for 19 years who is looking for an insurance product that would allow her, in the event of an unwanted pregnancy, to receive financial compensation that would allow her to raise a child or have an abortion. Obviously, abortion is the solution of choice and only uses where legally permitted.

Of course, the girl presumes the use of hormonal contraception, but as you know, no measure is 100% effective.

It can therefore be summarized that this reader is looking for a product that will provide financial protection in the event that contraceptives prove to be unreliable.

We realize that an unwanted pregnancy, despite the use of contraception, may stand in the way of a modern woman’s path to professional or scientific career development and constitute a serious financial problem.

Why woman afraid unwanted pregnency?

Women afraid pregnancy because of many factors. One of them is the financial / economic burden. This is the reason why some couples are thinning about this special kind of insurance.

The woman’s condition, or the pregnancy is very complicated in this case.
If she is healthy (as in the majority of cases) there is nothing wrong with her. In this case of pregnancy there is nothing to be ashamed of in taking pregnancy insurance. For this reason, she could not take pregnancy insurance because of the financial pressure.

In case of women with medical conditions (e.g., heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes) which affect the blood vessels in her body and cannot be treated on their own, it is also a reason why pregnancy insurance is not possible.

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In the case of women with cancer they should be protected. In fact, for this kind of condition and treatment there is no reason to take any type of health insurance. You are protected from any risk of financial or physical injury in the pregnancy.

When the woman is pregnant with a normal child, you cannot take pregnancy insurance since it might not have a chance.

What can you gain by taking pregnancy insurance?

A woman with a normal pregnancy is more vulnerable and you may not know the risks. However, as the mother, you would be able to protect your family and help her.

Your insurance might be worth a few dollars if you have no money problems, or your financial situation is not good. But this insurance comes with many risks, which makes you think more about your decision. But it is still good insurance if you live in a safe neighborhood. The risk can be avoided if you are aware of what you have been put on. In my area there is no coverage for people with no insurance.

What should you do if you have to pay for prenatal care?

For this reason, you could choose any kind of medical insurance. I suggest getting a medical insurance policy before you have been pregnant, since it is the first time you might encounter problems in the pregnancy.
There are no such insurance policies for maternity care. That is why insurance companies will ask you to pay for a lot to cover the costs of childbirth and other pregnancy related problems.

You cannot choose between maternity insurance and pregnancy.

If you have any other worries, like if your baby is going to die, you should ask your insurance company for help.
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A new study of American adults finds many Americans believe they need to have more children to be rich, but a recent Pew Research poll shows more people are now saying they “might consider giving up” if they were to have more children than currently expected.

The survey of more than 2,000 respondents, conducted March 12-15, 2020 finds nearly three-quarters (78%) of Americans agree that most Americans should have more children to have a family.

But the latest data are from a survey taken over eight years ago when the American dream was more modest. Today about 75% of the public believes more children are good, says the Pew poll.

That’s not to say that the number of children is rising as the country has grown, the latest finding suggests.

The survey found Americans still want more children but they are more open to considering making such a choice today.

Just 27% of Americans who have more children now consider making the choice to have a larger family in the future, compared with 52% who would be more open to that decision today and 43% who believe it’s a difficult decision to have a larger family.

Those study shows that there is a growing trend in modern society that rises the reluctance to have children.

It is therefore not surprising that more and more women who are burdened with the burden of possible raising and caring prefer to protect themselves against such an eventuality.

We asked several insurance companies about the possibility of creating such a product. Until now, however, we have not encountered such a situation so far that someone needs insurance against unwanted pregnancy.

We are awaiting your answers with interest and we will certainly come back to this topic, which seems very interesting, and we will certainly come back to it.